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Paulus Precision Machine announces ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100B Certification

### For immediate release – February 24, 2011

Paulus Precision Machine is proud to announce that their ISO9001:2008 + AS9100B certification has been approved and they are now officially certified under QMI-SAI Global.

PPM was able to go through their audit on January 05, 2011 and is happy to report that they passed with flying colors.  The hard work and participation of PPM personnel paid off in implementing the Quality Management System in a short period of time.  Each employee now understands the importance in maintaining the system, and they hope to keep contributing to the on-going continuous improvement of the shop.

Paulus Precision Machine is moving ahead with their commitment to quality, with plans to be certified to Rev. C of AS9100 by March 2012.


Paulus Precision Machine announces engagement of E2 and Shoptech to perform ISO9001/AS9100 certification consulting

### For immediate release – July 15, 2010

Paulus Precision Machine announced that it has engaged E2 consultant Shoptech to perform on-site training and pre-assessment audit services in connection with PPM’s implementation of its Quality Management System. The audit will assess its Quality Manual, Operating Procedures and Internal Audit Programs in order to determine readiness for ISO certification.

According to Troy Paulus, VP of Operations, PPM personnel will attend requisite training in August as the registration target date approaches. “We have been moving ahead of schedule on implementation of our machining set up process improvements and as a result, have been able to dedicate more time to formalizing our quality processes and documentation. The production improvements have really helped us meet our customers need for rapid delivery and short order quantities during this turndown.â€

PPM will be seeking its ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 certifications for the third quarter 2010. Secondary 13485 Medical Quality certification will follow based on its registrars’ recommendations.


Paulus Precision Machine, Inc. pursues ISO9001/AS9100 certification

### For immediate release – May 15, 2009

Paulus Precision Machine, Inc. announced that it is implementing a Quality Management System in order to formalize its ongoing commitment to improvement and customer satisfaction.

According to Rick Paulus, the employees of Paulus Precision Machine, Inc. are committed to manufacturing excellence and want to be recognized as a premier machining services provider. “We have always sought a zero fault production performance for our customers and it is now time to take the company to the next level.†The company is taking on more of a role in providing premium services to the local aerospace and defense industries and is being pressured to become a first tier high volume producer. In spite of the recent downturn for many, PPM has enjoyed an uptick in demand. The quality systems and procedures are working well for the customer and PPM. We must grow within the quality framework now to meet their requirements.

PPM will be implementing new ERP systems that integrate QMS reporting and audit capabilities and will seek certification in the second half of 2010. Stress testing of internal controls and procedures will dictate when the certification will be formally sought.

PPM is working with E2 ERP representatives and several of its customers to reach this goal.


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